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Hi All,

A very much in love 6 day old ST2 owner here!

Does anyone have any experience mounting a bike lock on an ST2 comfort frame? I have an Abus Granit X-Plus 54 Ulock and am trying to find a way to mount it on my bike for easy transport. It's a small lock, but still too wide to fit in the bottle holder area.



Congrats on buying a ST2 comfort. Your options for carrying a Ulock may be limited to a rear trunk bag like an Ortlieb trunk bag with a Racktime adapter assuming the Ulock fits inside the bag (not sure what your dimensions are). Whether or not you want to carry a lock this way, the Racktime adapter for rear trunk bags can be fitted to the narrow rear carrier that comes with your Stromer by following the directions for the adapter on how to disassemble it and invert the two "straws" that sit inside the top of the carrier. Or, if you don't like this solution, you can carry the lock in a backpack.

Alternatively, many Stromer owners have bought the Abus Bordo Granit X-Plus 6500 foldable lock that can be mounted to the water bottle bosses using two metric stainless steel button head cap screws, size M5-0.80 x 20, but you will also need nylon washers to use as spacers between the frame and the lock's cage because the Abus Bordo cage has curved ridges designed to mount to a round frame, and the Stromer downtube is relatively flat. The 6500 comes in white or black. If you want a pair with the same key, sells the 6500 in pairs if you don't mind the international shipping. Some of the pictures you will see of Stromers posted by European owners show the 6500 mounted to the water bottle bosses. The right metric threading for the water bottle mount screws (the originals on your Stromer are too short for the 6500) is critical or you risk stripping the threads, so be careful you buy the right ones. Also, since the screws are going into the battery compartment, they can't be too long.


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Have you considered a rack or basket that allows for a U-lock?

This Topeak comes with a lock.

This commuter rack holds anything, includes a slot for a u-lock.

There are many more similar to the Blackburn, that will hold your lock.

Good luck!

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@Rick Huizinga, thanks for the pic. In what circumstances have you found the Noose to still be too short for securing the frame & rear wheel? Love the concept and respect the hardware.
The New York U-lock that I bought comes with a quick release holder. Same setup should work with a comfort frame. It does not interfere with my pedal stroke. Haven't had to adjust it since I mounted it.

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I have st2 comfort frame(also st1 comfort frame), and have been thru every kind of lock there is. For me, the clear winner is the folding combo lock mounted to water bottle mount holes. I even drilled and tapped a couple holes in st1 frame for same lock. It stays tight and rattle free during ride, pops out of its holster, bike is locked in 30 seconds. unlocks in 30 seconds and back in holster. It may not be as secure as
ULOCK, or jumbo chain locks, but its ease of use and rattle free mounting more than makes up for it. And, backed-up with built in gps lock,
and VELO insurance, I feel pretty secure.

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@Rick Huizinga, thanks for the pic. In what circumstances have you found the Noose to still be too short for securing the frame & rear wheel? Love the concept and respect the hardware.
I usually only lock the frame. If I'm going to a location where I want to lock the wheels, seat, etc., I bring an extra thick Kryptonite cable that I wrap through the wheels and attach to the New York Noose.

P.S. They sell the Noose in two lengths. I bought the shorter one to keep the weight down, but the longer one would be more flexible if you want to have it go through the wheel as well. I'm just concerned that the heavy chain could bend one of the spokes if not careful.


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One wise guy said that all bikes and locks should weigh 50 pounds to be safe. The lighter and more expensive the bike the heavier and more robust the locks.

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I don't like carrying the huge u lock I have so I'm looking forward to this new lock that I backed on Kickstarter.

I should easily be able to carry it in my Racktime bag.

There is a thread on Reddit about the Litelock that you should probably read . The video sums it up pretty well, but the reaction by the manufacturer was what convinced me to not back it. The Abus Bordo 6500 that was mentioned already is a good choice. The Foldylock is another decent option. The Abus has a Gold rating by The Foldylock has a silver rating. The longer you leave the bike unattended in a risky place the greater security you'll need. is a good resource to learn about locks and help you decide what kind of lock you need.