Bike mirror recommendation


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My ebikes have fallen over and broke two mirricycles. They get the bad luck, not me. I replaced the mirrors for $6.50 each. I must have four or five o them, which is why I stay with budget mirrors.

Mirricyles use slightly undersized threads to keep the joints tight, but the metal parts can pull out of the plastic if you over torque them.


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It sounds like you want a mirror to attach to your bike, but I dearly love my helmet mirror. After riding a while, I find myself looking for it when I'm NOT riding and hear something behind me!!! Here are photos:

View from in front of the helmet. The black visor makes it harder to see the mirror and how it attaches, but it attaches to the helmet with zip ties. Very handy when it comes time for a new helmet! Just snip and re-zip on with new zip ties.
Screen Shot 2019-03-27 at 2.40.18 PM.png

And, here's a view from behind the helmet.
Screen Shot 2019-03-27 at 2.40.07 PM.png

In these photos, you can also see how the mirror is durable and endlessly adjustable because the "pole" that is between the mirror and the helmet is made up of 8 ball-and-cup joint things. If over-rotated and it pops out (which has happened to me once), it's easy to pop back into the socket. Very different from the previous very delicate and easy to break helmet mirror which I purchased (and returned) due to it's delicacy.

For anyone interested, this mirror is made by the company "Efficient Velo Tools" (IMO, a perfect name for this company!) I have no connection with this company except as a happy purchaser of their awesome helmet mirror.

tout saison

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I second the take a look mirror. I have it attached to my helmet and I will never go back to an attached mirror to my handlebars. with a helmet mirror you can do a full scan behind you with just a small movement of your head. it allows you to see both the left and right side rear views.

Larry Nigro

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Pictures of Venzo mirror mounted on bike. I decided to mount the mirror on top of the handle bars instead of underneath it works perfectly just need to glance to the side instead of looking down. Took a short ride and mirror does the job. No distortion objects are very clear and appear at the distance that they are at.



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I have the Mirrcycle on my human powered commuter bike. It works ok (I'd give it a 6 on a scale of 1-10). It matches that bike better than some others because it is set up as a city commuter. But when I bought my ebike, Chris at Propel set me up with a Busch and Muller ebike mirror. I think it is this one (image below). It is much better than the Mirrcycle I have. It folds up easier and has a larger field of view. I think Busch and Muller has some other options as well.
Over50 and Alaskan, I ordered this mirror based on your recommendations and it is really nice! Thank you!


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Can anyone recommend a good mirror?
I found a Mirrycle MTB bar-end mirror on Amazon that has a ton of mostly positive reviews; anyone have any input on this one? It looks a little clunky, but safer riding may be worth an aesthetic tradeoff!

Thanks all!
I have an arthritic neck, makes craning around to see uncomfortable. Added a Mirrycycle to end of grip on Magnum Metro, love it. Easy to adjust, not a lot of jitter, you can fold it back for tight spots, large enough for easy vision. Cheap, well designed and functional. Makes me feel a lot more secure.

Thomas Jaszewski

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Cheap, well designed and functional.
I'm unpredictable as the price I'm willing to pay goes. If something adds value I have no hesitation. I use Roxim lights for example. Kinda spendy. But meet German standards for a proper bike headlight. Focused like a cage headlamp. But for mirrors, and I have these on 5 bikes, I've just never found one with the same price-quality ratio. My daily ride has one on each side.
As always. YMMV!


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I just installed a Mirrycle mirror on the end of my handlebars on my Giant Explore E+ 1. I found that the ergonomic "wings" at the end of the bars can be easily unbolted so I took the left one off and installed the Mirrycle. I've got it angled up sort of like the original bar end and after a short test ride, it feels comfortable. I can even move my hand up to the base of the support much like with the original and I think it's going to work well.

Here's what it looks like:


Thomas Jaszewski

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I just installed a Mirrycle mirror on the end of my handlebars on my Giant Explore E+ 1.
I use two, both tucked in and under. Still great visuals and no more slapping them on walk through garage doors. I’ve been brutal and they’re 5 years old. No issues.