Bike multi-tool recommendations


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Can anyone recommend a decent bike multitool for carrying on the bike. I'd like to pay under $50 but I'd pay up to $100 for a tool with a good set of items. I wish Victorinox or Leatherman made bike tools; I know they both had ridiculous tools on the market at one point, but I mean a bike tool that's in the style of their knives, not a gimmick item. A leatherman with bike tools seems very doable, maybe scaled down in thinness just a bit for bikes and I'd expect to pay more for that level of compact tool.

I'd like at minimum:
- Phillips (can be hard to find)
- Slot
- M4
- M5
- M6

These are almost must haves for me but I can accept some missing:
- Tire levers
- Spoke wrench
- M3
- Knife blade

I'd love some or all of the following:
- Adjustable wrench
- Pliers
- 10mm wrench
- 18mm wrench
- 19mm wrench
- Chain link tool
- Survival saw
- Metal file
- Fork/Spoon
- Chain stretch gauge


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well your never going to get them all some will never be in a multi tool format. like a m6 thats a real oddball size for a bike. chain checking tool no way or a quick link pliers. crank bro's will have most of the Allen wrenches chain breaker and screw drivers. here are a couple of tools that will do a few jobs