Bike Rack (Fat eBikes with Fenders welcomed)!


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- Holds up to 4 bikes (depending on size & weight).
- Weight Capacity: 160 lbs for 1 bike! Or share total capacity with up to 4 bikes (eg. 3 eBikes at 53 lbs each).
- Compact and light weight (only 32.4 lbs for easy storage). Fits in closet.
- Access to vehicle tailgate with up to 4 bikes loaded.
- Inexpensive: Only CAD$269 (US$200) when I bought it. It is now CAD$299 at
- Works as a Bike Stand for maintenance (bonus feature I discovered!)
- Easy loading and dismount: Rack can be dropped very low to reduce lifting.
- Works with Fat Bikes with no extra mounting accessories to buy.
- Works with bike fenders.
- 1.25" or 2" hitch receiver compatible
- Includes integrated security cable (padlock not included)
- Anti-rattle hitch pin with lock & key included!

I wanted to share this because I think this is one of the best option for heavy eBikes, especially for fat tires and full fenders. Did I mention that it is also inexpensive (CAD$269/US$200)!

My 4-Bike hitch rack:


Loading the heavy Yukon 750 is made easy by lowering the rack. I hardly need to lift the bike at all. The front wheel is almost touching the ground (see below). I remove the heavy battery and bike locks ahead of time.

Step 1: Lower the rack; start from the outside:


Step 2: Work my way towards the vehicle:


Step 3: Finally, push the rack up and lock into place:


I can still open the tailgate with (up to) 4 bikes mounted (max capacity: 160 lbs):


Stows compactly behind a door or in a closet for storage. I weighted the main unit here (without the arms) to be only 32.4 lbs. The small size and light weight makes it easy to align into the hitch receiver:


Bike Stand Mode:

Lower rack and mount bike on outside rail. Works great for bike maintenance. No need to buy (and store) another expensive and bulky bike stand. Since it is on your vehicle, this "Bike Stand" doubles as a mobile station that you can bring with you for emergency roadside or pre-ride adjustments:


I bought mine for CAD$269 (around US$200). Currently selling for CAD$299 with free shipping. Here is more info:

There is a cheaper version without the hydraulics:

And even a cheaper version with less capacity:
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I have the same exact bike carrier for the last 3 years and it has a lot of nice flexibility and very well built bike rack for transporting 1-4 bikes. I also purchased the Softride Garage Storage station to store my 3 regular bikes high on the garage wall above my car hood. I also did the Swagman Bicycle Carrier X Mount Bike Carrier Storage Rack (Amazon, $45) for the Softride carrier to store the rack on the wall when not in use. The Swagman can swing the Softride side-to-side out of the way to park and I can add the Softride bike rack arms to the carrier when mounted to the garage wall to use as a maint bike stand.

The only issues I've had with the Softride (that might be limited to my types of bikes and my paranoia) are:
- always worried about the 3 rubber tie-downs breaking and seeing my bike(s) bouncing down the hwy at 75 mph. I added a 6 foot nylon tie-down straps as back-up to each bike to secure to rack arms.
- had to add Velcro straps to front wheels to keep them steady and straight at hwy speeds.
- even with anti-sway cradle the bikes still swayed a little bit at hwy speeds. Added extra long Velcro straps to strap the bikes together and to the rack vertical arm (straps similar to Softride velcro, just 2X-3X longer).
- needed to remove my Topeak rack bag or it would add to the hwy sway.
- had to raise the seat and add the top tube adapter for the wife's pedal bike because of the step over frame.
- The extra straps, velcro, top tube adapter, and bag removal added to the mounting/dismounting time for the bikes.
- Tires something dragged on the ground when starting up a steep incline or hitting a dip.

I still have the Softride and I didn't look forward to having the same mount/dismount issues with the +60 lbs Radrovers like I did with my 30 lbs GT Transeo 3.0 hybrid bikes. I went with the Saris Freedom SuperClamp 4 bike rack when I purchased our two ebikes. I just needed to add the the trays that can support up to 5" fat tire bikes.

I don't have any prep to do when I mount or dismount the ebikes or my old regular bikes. I can leave both topeak rack bags on the bikes because the Saris rack holds the bike very steady. I also have no issues with inclines and dips and the tires bottoming out like my Softride rack. I just place the bikes in tire trays, tighten tray tire straps, and push the arms on top of the tires to secure.


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Update: I have been using this setup to carry my Yukon 750 many months now, and it has held up great. No issues. I sometimes feel that because it "hangs" from the top tube, it is more stable over bumps. When I am away from my bike, I simply secure the bike to the rack with my Abus Bordo lock. The rack itself is locked to the hitch. Works great.