Bike rack


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I recently got an Orion with the 500 watt motor. Was wondering what racks are being used with this bike. I'm 74 and it's a bear getting it into the back of my Rogue. Looking at the 1up and wondered if the regular rack, not the heavy duty would work. If not this rack what do think would work well. Thanx


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I've pondered and investigated racks for ebikes quite a bit. The 1up seems great for bikes without fenders. The regular rack should be just fine for one ebike.

Our bikes have fenders, and I spoke with 1Up about that and the tech guy said that fender deformity is a reality, whatever padding one uses.

So, we have two solutions.
1) Thule Easyfold XT 2. Awesome rack. Holds two ebikes. I love how I can put it on the car myself, and I'm not that strong. I can also load one bike by myself. I need a little help with the second bike. The rack comes with a little ramp. Takes a bit of practice and getting the bike nicely aligned so that it is straight going up the ramp.
2) Upright designs "Totem pole" rack. This is hard to load ebikes on, but works great. Since it is hard to load, I wouldn't recommend it for you.

Hope that helps! :)