Bike shortage or "I don't want to bother"


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After having installed a Tongsheng mid drive on my wife's Dahon Briza she has (very reasonably) decided she wants a Biria Easy Boarding bike for the lowest possible step over. We both had rented these bikes on Mackinaw Island several years ago and liked them even though at that time she didn't need a super low step over bike, now she does. Not on available on Amazon at this time so I checked the Biria web site for dealer locations. Only two dealers listed in the area or within 500 miles. Web site for one store doesn't list inventory, the other store had only a couple bikes listed, no Biria. Called one store - transferred to voice mail, person at the other store said they had no new bike inventory and couldn't order any either. So I went online, found a reputable store in the midwest near where I used to live that I already was familiar with. They had the model and color my wife wanted in stock and indicated the US supplier also has them in stock. So I ordered the model, size and color that my wife wanted without any issues at all. Free shipping, no tax. The problem wasn't with US supply.