Bike Stand Legs


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Hi all,

Just a quickie - I had some scratches on my floor with the cross kick stand and put on a couple of 12mm rubber walking stick ferrules which fit well, don't affect the operation of the stand and also protect the floor. I had tried a couple of 18mm I had kicking around but they were way too large.

Just a couple of pounds from amazon.



Douglas Ruby

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Awesome. In the US these are called "Walking Pole Tips". There are dozens of different brands from Amazon, many in 12mm ID. This is exactly what I was looking for.

New E Biker

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Great idea! I just ordered a 2-pack of the MountainSmith brand from Amazon. Also was always thinking just a few more millimeters of height on the stand would allow me to spin the rear wheel with the stand down, just what I want.