Bike to Work Day


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Will be going to the Bike to Work day (Winter) tomorrow at Gravelly Point.

Gravelly Point
Mount Vernon Trail
Arlington, VA 22202

Time: 7am-9am

I signed up and will be getting some free gloves. They said to bring a friend and they will get gloves too.

Also offering free minor tune up and repair on bikes.

Stop by if you get a chance. (Sponsored by BikeArlington)


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Would it be beneficial to promote this activity nationally. Has it been attempted on a larger scale?


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For the BayArea folks in CA, it will be next Thursday 5/9/18. Lot of companies are sponsored the event, passing out freebies at their called "energies stations" along the bike paths.

Here is quick video link and blog post for folks who are going to join the event this week around the Stanford Research Park area.
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Uncle Willy

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Man I wish I still worked so I could bike there , but I retired four years ago. but I will go on a thirty mile ride and make believe I am on my way to the job