Bike Torque Wrench Selection Help


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I just ordered my 1st electric bike- a Ride1Up 700 series. Looks to be an awesome bike at a great deal, however, this requires more assembly than other brands. I'm pretty handy, but by no means a bike mechanic.

I understand that I will have to tighten things exactly to spec. Can someone help me select an affordable torque wrench or set (~$50 or less on Amazon) that can handle the following torque settings (4-39nm) and anything else I may need to assemble.

Saddle Clamp Bolt: 16-17nm
Crank Arms: 39nm
Compression Cap (bolt): 4-5nm (make sure steering is still free but fork is not loose or wobbly.)
Stem/Steerer Clamp: 8-9nm
Handlebar Clamp: 8-9nm (tighten evenly in a cross pattern)

Thank you!


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There are many threads in these forums about Torque wrenches. Try using the search function (top right) and you can get many opinions. Lot's to sift through, but the reading may assist you in clarifying what exactly you need.

To the issue itself - since you want sub $50, I think Venzo makes some that are in that price range. Amazon has multiple options from them - and others,

And, before I forget, welcome to EBR.


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I use this Venzo torque wrench. I don't think you'll find everything you want for under $50. The 39Nm spec is a challenge as most bike specific torque wrenches that can handle the lower 4Nm spec top out at 24Nm, like the Venzo.


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I picked up this Bulltools kit off Amazon and it works great for everything except the crank. A much bigger torque wrench is needed for that amount of torque.


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Even though I did buy a torque wrench I will assemble without using it. All the necessary tools for assembly are included. The only bolt that's under question is the compression cap bolt. It only requires 5nm of torque - which is not much. If you choose the wrong scale or your torque wrench is not calibrated it's too easy to mess up this bolt. Someone posted here that he used a torque wrench and pulled the star nut loose. It's a simple adjustment and over tightening is the worst arisen.


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Happened to see this. Seems to be getting a lot of thumbs up on a range of torque wrenches.

This has a minimum setting of 10 ft/lbs. there are fasteners that require less, such as the brake rotors which should be 4-6. I’d buy a wrench with lower minimum settings.