Bike work stand... heavy duty...


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I was considering a fancy bicycle work stand, but saw a solid looking bike hanger at Lowes that is designed to mount on a wall. Since I have a solid heavy duty standing drill press, I clapped the hanger to the table and wa-la, and nice sturdy bike work stand! Ok, not as cool or flexible and convenient as say a Park Tool stand, but works well for most of the stuff I do.
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I have the exact same Softride 4-bike rack. I installed the Swagman, Amazon, $38, wall mount to store my Softride in the garage off the floor. I've used the Softride and Swagman to work on my 30lbs pedal power bikes. I can swing the Softride rack up to 180 degrees for better access bike access or just stowing the rack. I think I would need to add thicker bolts for me to feel comfortable using this for my +60 lbs Radrover on this wall mount.

I also installed the Softride garage storage station and I have to reuse the Softride rack arms to store my 3 pedal power bikes above the Softride bike rack. I purchased the second work stand because it was too much of a pain to dismount the 3 bikes to use the Softride rack arms every time I needed to do bike maint.

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