Bikes checked in comp


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there is a minimum weight limit for the tour. I believe it is set at 15 lbs. Some bikes are lighter to a point where the mechanics need to add weights to them to keep them legal. If there is a wiggle room then why not make the 'weight' to be a battery with a motor. hehe.


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It would be amazing that new tech could come from cheaters. I've thought that a worm-geared motor would make a great high torque ebike motor. A worm-gear would fit in a down tube as well. Trickle-trickle....


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I researched the gruber/vivax system when I was shopping for my ebike...I was considering a conversion for a short time, but I could only find it for sale in Europe, and I decided not to pursue it. I love the ultimate stealth and I hope we do see something like it sold as a turn-key system in a US ebike sometime in the (near) future.