biking is awesome on Mt. Diablo trails, Concord Ca.


These pictures explain why I bought my lectriccycles from Chris, in Tempe Arizona. Having a blast, u should try it too....


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Go Sal Go! Looks beautiful out there. One of my favorite bike-related writers (Grant Petersen) claims to ride Mt Diablo all the time.

Still winter here in the Northeast :(
I lived in Walnut Creek for about 3 years and use to mtb Diablo all the time. I remember one wet fall day riding down a road they had recently graded and was watching the mud pack up on my tire when next thing I knew the front wheel stop and I was ejected over the front of the bike. We literally had to pull the bikes down off the side as the mud would pack up so bad. :) And a bit of trivia - Mt Diablo is the second peak where you can see the most square miles - Mt Kilimanjaro is first.