Biking trails on the east coast


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Looking forward to a ride report, Kathik. I live in South Jersey, so just getting up to Bethlehem is 70 some odd miles; and with the hours of daylight shortening, long ride opportunities up in those scenic areas of the canal are just gonna have to wait until next late spring, early summer.

That bridge over the Lehigh was a very long awaited project for the trail, a big undertaking for the D&L folks. A little further to the south, the right of way at Catasauqua, PA in the area of the new bridge span over the Lehigh features a new tunnel.....

As well as much further to the south in Morrisville, PA, the CSX Tunnel was opened this spring. Alot of good public works projects have gone on and are on-going on the D& personal favorite riding path.
Another ride I really enjoy is Frenchtown to Lambertville, cross into New Hope and back up the PA side. One of these days I hope to travel south of there. I just don't like spending half the day driving. I have parked at Bethlehem and traveled maybe ten miles past Easton which as I think you mentioned is also a very nice area. The trail is very diversified through there.


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Erie Canal. The western stretch between Buffalo and maybe Fairport or Palmyra is more paved, civilized and continuous... east of that you have to deal with (or go north around) Syracuse, and you have to go through Utica. Little Falls all the way to Albany is great, mostly paved, the rest stone dust, a few stretches of road, more out there in the wild, so to speak. A great ride no matter which end you pick. To me the eastern part is more adventurous.

Other than the ridges in the Montezuma Wildlife area in the middle of the state and a couple of surprises near Schenectady, the entire thing is pretty flat. Headwinds can be entertaining out west, but that's what the ebike is for!

The GAP trail is on my bucket list as well, but I have done the entire Erie Canal and continue to ride various sections of it every week.

Us too!!


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Thanks all for the suggestions. I should have clarified a bit more. We are looking to head some places that we can overnight and go out and do a couple 50 -60 miles rides and then back to the hotel. I think we are going to try Arcadia in Maine next. We loved the cape cod rail trail as we were able to stop at different towns for shopping and eating making a great 8 hour day.

we picked a Hotel in Brockport , next to Erie Canal. You can go east towards Rochester one day and west to Lockport the next day. It was a Great weekend. We live near Syracuse and often ride out of Fayetteville to Rome