Biktrix Modifications


Here's how mine is sitting after a summer:
-Generic suspension fork (to smooth the ride)
-Suntour NCX 12 seat post (ditto)
-Mountain Cycling forward deflector (light mud shield)
-Mucky Nutz rear fender (similar)
-MEC Quattro front light
-Garmin VIRB camera mount
-Garmin watch holder (for heart rate)
-hex front skewer (anti theft)
-hex seat post clamp (anti theft)
-Mirrycle mirror (great mirror)
-M232 Monkey Lights (entertaining side lights)



So far all have been worthwhile, and not adding that much weight. About 350 km on the bike now, no issues, other than skips 7th gear sometimes. Looking at gearing it up for winter next.

What have you all added to yours?

Ravi Kempaiah

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Very cool. Roshan was telling me about few upgrades for the next year. You may want to check that out.


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We're talking to Wren right now to see if we can develop a fork like(Link Removed - No Longer Exists) for the Juggernaut for 2016.


On holidays right now, but I can find a link when I get back. It was from Alibaba. Not too hard to install, would have been easy if I would have gotten a bearing race and star nut ahead of time.

Ann M.

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Really not that difficult, Fred, but PJungnitsch is right, once you pull the old forks you don't want to reuse the bearings unless they were never ridden on. The star nut, well it generally gets damaged pulling the old forks so a new one is best. You have to be sure that the diameter of the headtube of the new forks matches the old before buying off Alibaba Express where I did see a few sets of inexpensive suspension forks specifically designed for bikes with 4" wide tires. It's a nice upgrade for the ride!


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Just pulled the trigger on a new, well equipped Juggernaut, thanks in large part to the discussions on EBR, this


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Whoops. Pulled the wrong trigger. What I meant to say was I Just pulled the trigger on a new, well equipped Juggernaut, thanks in large part to the discussions on EBR, this forum in particular, with special thanks to Jungnitsch. My wallet will be lighter after his comments about needing a fork, but I was seriously leaning in that direction anyway. I'll report on the Wren fork after my new steed arrives.

A very special thanks also to Roshan of Biktrix for working with me for weeks and countless emails answering my questions and getting my Juggernaut as I want it. Spreadsheets and analysis of the many alternatives made it clear the Juggernaut best met my criteria and value benchmarks.


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I've seen references on other sites to people swapping the standard chain ring on the BBS02 for a 3rd party one. Just wondering if anyone has done that on the Juggernaut and if so:
  • Which one and where did you get it?
  • What impact did it have?
  • Is it a hard thing to do?
Thanks and Happy New Year!


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Havn't done it yet but several on this forum have. This one was made for the BBSO2 and fat bikes specifically, does not require adapters or spacers and is supposed to help chain line. (Link Removed - No Longer Exists). They have a 36 and a 41 on this page. The Lekkie bling ring is a 42. It is made for the BBSO2, but not fat bike. It requires spacers. Race face narrow wide chain rings. Require a special adapter. They wear out faster than you would like, probably due to heavier use/abuse. They make this for the new BBSHD 1000. I see this potentially being made for the BBSO2 as well, with the teeth possibly being interchangeable for each model. Just having to change teeth will be less costly. Will make changing how you ride for a day a whole lot easier. Reminds me how we used to change gearing in go kart racing.


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If you guys need an adapter for using 104 BCD chainrings, ping me. I have a lot in stock.