Biktrix Stunner_Limp Mode...of sorts, I guess.


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Hello All
We've got 2 Biktrix Stunners that are now 2 years old with 6900km's on them.

My Stunner has had the Sturmey Archer 5 speed internal hub replaced under warranty twice. The third time I bailed out and upgraded to the Sturmey Archer 8 speed internal gear hub which has been flawless in terms of shifting. BUT ! (warning : confusion ahead)

For the third time now, in a stiff, steady headwind, my eBike has gone into what I'm going to call "limp mode".... ie...after about 6km of normal riding, there is a sudden, fairly substantial loss in power. It's the equivalent of going from PAS level 5 to 3 (my wife who rides the exact same eBike, had to reduce her level from PAS 5 to PAS 3). Also, the motor housing feels quite warm to the touch, whereas, my wife's Stunner is cool to the touch.

Biktrix Response :
I contacted Biktrix and they said that the Sturmey archer 8 speed hub must be replaced....either with a new 8 speed or to go to an external cassette type system. AND-to stop riding the bike immediately because it could damage the motor controller. ?!? Wha ?

I am totally confused by this because the 8 speed hub is shifting flawlessly. How can it be the 8 speed hub ?