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I have a 2014 bionx battery. I've tried since March to charge. I bought a new charger from Legacy in Canada because the old charger wasn't making any sound but when I attached it, the console would say Powr prot and the light on the battery would go on and off. I was able to get some charge on the battery but not much. It wouldn't last more than 1/2 hour. I just went to charge again and its back to the old problem. Charger is going from red to green and the light is flashing on the battery and its making a beep. Does anyone know what's going on? It almost seems like the charger is not working correctly. If I need to have the battery rebuilt, I want to be sure its that and not the motor. All connections have been cleaned.


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Hello there,

Bionx batteries are known for their proprietary design of going into a 'deep sleep' mode. The problem is dealers were required to give owners instructions that you must charge the battery every 30 days (i.e. over the winter) to top it up and keep it healthy...

...if you leave untouched for too long, like I did with my first battery - it will fail completely beyond repair. I know, so stupid. The dealer I bought the bike from when I took the battery back in, thinking he just have to 'wake it up' from deep sleep was able to read from it that it had been offline for 217 days...but unable to wake it up/repair it.

Oh - Super important point - you can't just leave the battery on the charger over the winter expecting it to take care of itself. You must disconnect the battery and connect it in again every 30 days (is what Bionx recommended) to wake the battery up and top up it's charge. Silly, I know!

Yes, I was...disappointed (won't write how I really felt, don't want to get in trouble with the mods, lol). I then went on to buy a replacement...and a couple more bikes with batteries...and couple used now I have 7 of them in my rotation. :)

In your case Gmpaquette, from my experience I'm 95% certain your motor and charger are fine, the issue is in your battery, matching what happen to my first battery I ever own and ended up replacing it.

-The person/shop you are taking the battery to for repairs should have others there. Take your bike with you and have them put the battery on your bike and make sure it works?
-Perhaps the shop will have the BIB controller to check your console and motor for you?
-If you are up for spending a bit of money to see inside your configuration yourself I just put a long post in the thread 'bionx battery' in this thread you can read about getting the software now (download and test it first) and purchasing a BIB controller for $100 cdn (plus taxes and shipping) to be able to debug and manage your Bionx bike yourself.

I realize it's been over a month since you posted - I just joined a few days ago - let me know what you ended up doing, if you still have the issue or what transpired since you made this post.