Bionx motor problem

Gordon R.

New Member
I bought a Bionx kit in 2015. It is the S350DL model (350 W motor) with the DT 48 V battery. According to my odometer I have just gone over the 10,000 km mark. I have only used it in the assist mode. This summer it started developing a clicking noise coming from the motor. It only made the noise when I was peddling hard, in certain gears and only when I am peddling (it stops when I don't peddle). Now the clicking is constant no matter how hard I peddle or what gear I am in. It also feels like the motor is not assisting in any significant way. When I first started using the kit when you initially started peddling, especially in the highest assist mode, you would feel the motor kicking in. Now I feel nothing and it feels like I have too pedal a lot harder. I am curious to know how the motor knows when you are peddling and when you are not. The manual says that there is a torque sensor on the axle in the motor that measures how hard you are peddling and adds the appropriate power. Is it possible this sensor has developed a problem. Any ideas anyone.