Bionx on Raleigh CameoCameo

Mike Smith

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My wife and I are in the market for ebikes and she is very interested in having the 350W rack mounted Bionx system installed on a Raleigh Cameo bike. This bike would be perfect for her style of riding. It's a steel urban style bike and she finds it very comfortable. Does this seem like a good candidate to convert to an ebike? Her main concern is not to have much pressure on her arms, and this bike has the rider sit very upright, but my main concern is no front suspension to smooth out the bumps without having to add an expensive suspension fork. Any thoughts or comments would be appreciated . If nothing else she would have a cool one of a kind ebike. Plus price seems good at $2150 including tax for everything, plus a free tuneup at 1 year, and this is for the 2014 Bionx system.


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