BionX S 350 DV -- mount battery under down tube?


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I'm getting a new S 350 DV kit for my daily 18 mile (36 total) commute. I was wondering if anyone has ever been able to mount the batter under the downtube on a touring frame like this one:


Ann M.

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Hi @kevinkiller , I took a look at your frame on Bike Nashbar and although there is a water bottle cage mount on the underside of the downtube, it is a risky spot to put the battery. Leaves it a bit more exposed to water splashes and road gunk or possible bashing going over a curb if you don't pay attention. You have a WB cage mount on the other side of the downtube which is where BionX would recommend mounting the battery. Somebody's probably tried what you're asking, just be patient, but I'll check with BionX to see if that might affect your warranty.