Biria Low Step Thru

I purchased this bike, (Link Removed - No Longer Exists), on 12/1/2016. I had been looking for a used one for about 6 months with no luck. My bike is black with black wall tires. It's a nice bike even without electrics.
Around 2/1/2017 I added a 350W front wheel kit from Electric bike outfitters,
I didn't want to be the fastest kid on the block, but I do want to cruise with and sometimes without electric power. Hopefully this combination will be the ticket.
So far I've only put about 1.5 hours on the bike. I'm still in the test ride mode.
I'll post updates here.
Here is a quick pic of the bike.


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Nice, and very stealthy. Some of those little gear drive motors are very tough. I really like the ike in back! Brown seat really sets it off!