Bleeding Vado SL brakes.


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United Kingdom
Hi there, how difficult is it to bleed Vado 5.0 SL front brake? I've never tried this on any bike and would rather get a bike shop to do it, but the four in our town can't do it either because they unaccountably don't have the kit to do it (2), don't do repairs anymore or I would have to wait weeks to get it done because of staff shortages. Thanks for your help.
PS. Sorry for mixing threads, but just passed the 1000 miles of my TCD and it reset to 0 for some reason. Does this happen to everyone?


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Bleeding brakes is pretty easy. Kits are available for about $20USD on Amazon. Consists of mineral oil, syringe, cup, etc... Youtube videos can show you how it's done or instructions come with kit. Go for it.