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Interesting read. I think for ebikes to really pick in the U.S and Canada there has to be a sweet selling price point and more exposure to the many bikes that are available.


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There was an article in Time Magazine this week. It premise was whether the US e-bike market could grow in sales given that the US culture is anti-bike.


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No infra=little or no e-bike sales. That's the sticking point. If Bosch and co. want sales to take off in the US they are going to have to sponsor bike lanes, bike paths, and specific infra. And if they are starting from scratch (which is the most frequent use case in the US), it's going to cost a fortune. So I don't see e-bike sales taking off in the U.S. any time in the near future. Europe is easily going to keep ahead of the U.S. in terms of e-bike sales for the next 10-15 years.


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agree that we need more infrastructure to support bikes, with the cities being so overgrown hard to know where they will put more bike lanes/widen them etc

i really love the bike loop tucson has put in, feel much safer riding on a bike path with no cars

the guy in the article that says 95% of americans dont know what an electric bike is- totally agree with that

that funny shaped and bright gold cemoto i have really draws people eye, NEVER have it on the trucks that someone does not ask me what kind of bike it is, gas station, grocery store etc
think it is the shape makes it look different
i explain it is an electric bike and nobody has heard of them

but a lot of people are interested when i explain what it is

since starting this electric bike journey i have only seen 2 other electric bikes on the road in tucson....


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No infra=little or no e-bike sales.
I a point. In 2015 there were over 17 million bicycles sold in the USA, 12.5 million were bikes with 20" wheels or larger. These bikes were used on the same paths, trails, and streets used by ebikes.

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These bikes were used on the same paths, trails, and streets used by ebikes.

Court J.

I apologize for the double post. My only comment was going to be that, yes those same paths and trails are available to e-bikes, but woefully inadequate in most areas here in the U.S.
Too often we have to share the road with cagers and that is definitely not safe.