The bike does have Bluetooth, but as far as I know there is no device that can pair with the bike. Seems to be onboard for future use.

Ravi Kempaiah

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Under SW 1.2, there was an option to connect your phone while cell phone signal wasn't strong enough but there was a glitch and they have disabled it for FW 1.5 update.
Once the bugs are fixed, they will be enabled again.

Tara D.

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"The ST2 will have Bluetooth shortly. It will allow for more direct interface with your phone (email, voice service, music streaming etc).


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Mike Bike

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Any news on bluetooth? One of the ways Stromer could stay ahead of the competition is by providing bluetooth access to machine parameters: pedal speed, pedal torque, gear ratio, level of torque assist, vehicle speed, power consumption, battery power remaining, etc.

Apps sell Android and Apple products. They can sell Stromer products, too.

Imagine picking a desired heart rate on your cell phone and then having the cell phone receive your heart rate from a chest strap, calculate whether it is low or high, and then signal your Stromer to increase or decrease assist to get you heart to that sweet spot.

Imagine plotting a bike tour on your cell phone, and then have the phone determine your farthest safe turnaround point (based on Stromer API battery data) to insure you get back before your battery is empty. Once you reach your limit, it beeps to tell you to turnaround.

Instead of looking down at the Stromer display all the time as you ride, imagine having your cell phone beep and announce any messages that appear on the Stromer display. Motor overheating? System error? Battery getting low? Your cell phone bluetooth-connected to your Stromer gets the messages and announces them out loud. You never have to look down at the display.

Imagine stopping for a break, plugging your bike in to charge (with your cell phone bluetooth-monitoring your state of charge), having dinner and drinks, and then your cellphone beeping you when your battery is full and it is time to go ... all without having to go outside and check your bike all the time.

If your Stromer bike would provide packets of bike stats to your phone via bluetooth, a whole range of third-party apps would be created at no cost to Stromer. This would enhance Stromer's reputation as a cutting edge bike and would not require Stromer to program anything (other than a simple bluetooth packet communication protocol). Stromer, take the next step: join the Internet of Things.