BMC Alpenchallenge AMP Sport Computer Display Problem


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This is an edit to update the status of the problem I posted a moth or so ago.. The problem has been corrected by a recent E7000 computer display software update I installed today. Fixed it all. The Max Speed and Avg Speed displays are correct now, and the Distance is with 2 percent of my GPS iPhone app. All is well. Thanks Shimano.
Happy Holidays to All.

Hi All,
I'm a new member and this is only my second post.
I recently purchased my first ebike - a BMC Alpenchallenge AMP Sport Two, and it performs perfectly; but there is a problem with its Shimano SC-E7000 computer display that is beyond the local rep's capability to fix. I am hoping that this forum has the participation of a Shimano Rep who might champion a solution.

Avg Speed.JPGMax Speed.JPG

The displayed information of speed and distance is in error.
Here is the raw data for a short ride in table format:

Avg Speed----27.1 mph-----22.8
Max Speed----23.2 mph-----26.8
Distance--------3.1 mi-------1.87

Yes, that's not a typo - the E7000 shows a higher Avg Speed than the Max Speed.
It appears the values may be transposed somehow in the E7000.
Then the ratio of E7000 distance to the iPhoneApp is 0.60.
Coincidentally, the ratio of Km to Miles is 0.62.
Yes, the Unit setting in the E7000 has been set to Miles/Imperial.

I have downloaded the latest Firmware using Shimano's e-Tube App,
and the local BMC dealer with telephonic assistance from a Shimano
Rep has checked the E7000 with their PC-01 connection and cannot find
a cause.

Has anyone else with a Shimano E7000 seen these symptoms?

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