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BMC with the Shimano E8000 in delimit mode(using the speedbox) can reach 33-34mph. The Shimano battery lasts a very long time.

Shimano is very reputable with their warranty in case something happens.

The battery could be charged @5amps. NOT with Creo or +HP(Bosch blocks any proprietary fast chargers plus no delimit option to go 31-33mph IF needed.

Other advantage for BMC 1 road : It Comes with Ultegra DI2 +DT Swiss Deep carbon wheels for 7grand. That would be 10grand for Creo or +HP and they cut off @27/28mph.

Why are the other 2 brands in the spotlight ? Has anyone ridden a BMC AMP 1 and a Creo or +HP for more extensive comparison ?

The only aspect i need to know more is about the torque. Shimano E8000 claims 70NM, but with the speedbox will it be higher ?

Even if it's not, is 70NM produced by Shimano same with 70NM produced by a different motor such as Bosch gen. 4 ? Actually gen. 4 makes 85NM now with the software upgrade.

BUT is that the same ? There are also different weights for each one of those ebikes.


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Speedbox would void your warranty.

I would say if you do compare you need to compare them assuming they all have warranties.

I believe even if you remove the speedbox, shimano can tell you had it installled at one point. I am 100000% positive these companies record usage data, and if the motor data indicates you were doing 30MPH and It was providing X% assist, well there goes your warranty. I would delimit ONLY if you buy it 2nd hand.

There is a delimiter for bosch. I think i saw a vid of someone doing 42mph on a bosch performance line speed motor that was delimited.

So then the question is which would you be more comfortable doing DIY repairs on, paying the motor company to repair (assuming they are willing to, ive seen companies refuse to repair anything out of warranty, even if you are willing to pay for parts and labor), or paying a 3rd party to do the repairs for you.
I do know Bosch said they plan to support each gen motor for at least 10 years sooo they might be easier to work with than Shimano but IDK.

I will say 85nm > 70nm lol, that being said unless your offroad going up hills it won't make much of a difference.

-Yes the BMC is a better value, but it isn't as well known of a brand and i have 4 BMC retailers near me, whereas i only have 1 trek and 1 specialized near me yet its not as well known of a brand among the masses.
-Out of the box the BMC is limited to 20mph. Most casual buyers won't think to research if it can be delimited and many won't want to void the warranty to do so.
-The BMC has no range extender, you need to find a place to carry a spare battery(back/bag), creo and domane both have range extenders that can be installed on the bike. In theory you could carry multiple range extenders more conveniently than with the shimano system.

I will say this if you only care about raw power on a road bike and top speed, get the domane + and delimit it. Its the most powerful motor on a road bike available right now.
If you care about range/long riding days, stop worrying about anything over 20mph. I suggest you cruise at 16-20MPH to maximize range on any ebike so the BMC will work fine and may even be more efficent than the other two are at those speeds.

One thing i love about the bosch. The calculator is the best. Thats why im getting a Domane + vs a Creo. I like knowing the range im going to get prior to committing any $$$.

Also i can't even find the BMC e-bikes online anymore for purchase. Seems every vendor has removed them and BMC doesn't sell them anymore so we might be getting a new model soon? Or maybe their so far out of stock they got removed which doesn't make sense to me.
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e BMC e-bikes online anymore for purchase. Seems every vendor has removed them

BMC ONE-28mph
BMC TWO-20mph

1 is 5-7K, 2 is about 3.3-3.5K !

ONE comes with the stronger E8000. TWO has the weaker motor -E6000.
I would like to delimit the E8000.
They , BMC are one of the best road/mtb bike brands out there. Faaar above Trek or Specialized as far as quality/geometry/aerodynamics of the frame. The whole bike is just built a lot better.
They use better painting process , Specialized will have chips under bottom tube after a few rides. Here in US most people are not wrll aware about quality frames (paint/Geometry/finish) for a bike or ebike. B/c they have been mostly exposed to Giant/Trek/Specialized. And since they never rode anything else , they think that those are the best🙄. They are good or really good in case of PROJECT ONE ( TREK custom paint option) . But is not only the paint...type of carbon fiber used, how it is layered, etc...

Crazy lenny has the BMC'd in stock and i think electricbike attack online store also has them.

I used to really like the Domane+HP and somehow still do, but BMC has higher grade of carbon fiber and a much nicer build. Shimano battery also lasts a lot longer from what i've read.

From what i've researched, Shimano doesn't have a way to check if it was delimited. Just remove spredbox before service and it won't know

Bosch does have a system to know that and after 3attempts it voids the warranty !! That i know from an online interview with Bosch reps(i think Court did that at an earlier ebike expo ?).

And also there are way too many ebikes with the Bosch system, is getting out of hand when 1 company has monopoly. No inventions and high prices.

That TOP german motor from TQ(920watts, 120NM, is it on any ebikes in US ?

No , and that is a shame... That is like the absolute best motor for an ebike but the big guys don't let it happen !! Coincidently both TQ and BOSCH are German brands. Although some Bosch products are more Chinese then German.

Just in last 2days , new ebikes from Ducati , Peugeot , both with Bosch🤔
STOP buying Bosch for a few months friends. Let other companies enter the ebike field.
Shimano is jaoanese perfection, thatE8000 motor actually should be on many ebikes.

So, i would choose BMC for those reasons. And it is also lighter by a few lbs then the Domane +HP b/c of the lighter motor/battery.