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How r u doing gays?
I still have BMS echo.
My bike battery is 48v, kind of hailong with a Wireless 13s BMS soldered on the top of the battery. The discharge wire terminals give only half voltage about 27v instead of total 48v, but the test of each cell block gives right and equal 3.7v, and its B minus and B plus gives the right total 48 voltage also.
I suspected the BMS, and I added an old 13s BMS on the top of the wireless one (sandwiched), I connected its 13 sens wires to the battery, and I soldered its C minus and L minus wires to C minus and L minus terminals of the old wireless BMS.
After test, the battery discharge terminals now give 48v total, and each cell block gives exact 3.7v, the top new BMS looks like balancing now, the only problem I don't understand, is when charging the battery, the adaptor light does not turn red when battery is under charge, it keeps green ?


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The balance connector on the wireless BMS is unplugged? You probably should take it out of the circuit completely. You don't know what the two switch sections are doing if they are connected in parallel with the second BMS. You said they weren't working before. but what if they turn on when the second BMS wants its switches off?

How do you know it's charging if the lght on the charger stays green? DO you have a current meter telling you the battery is taking current?