BMZ Battery not charging


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When checking the voltage on my BMZ battery pack with the Rosenberger connectors the paperclip that I was using to bridge the positive and negative pin pulled into the main magnet (this technique was communicated to me in an email from the bike manufacturer). This caused a large spark with the lights on the bmz battery immediately flashing green. I was able to power off the battery but it will now not charge. The spark also caused damage to one of the connector pins.

Does anyone have any insight into how I might fix this, is the battery junk or can the BMS be replaced? I placed a call with the company that I bought it from but they weren't much help and recommended that I contact Bulls.

(Link Removed - Attachment No Longer Exists)


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Lithium Ion batteries are such dangerous things that I would never trust ANYONE other than the manufacturer of the battery to repair it. Just imagine the fire that results the explosion of 50 LI cells! So my suggestion is either dispose of the battery and buy a new one or have the manufacturer of the battery to inspect/repair it for you. Good luck.