Boardman Hybrid e-bike


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I thought it would be useful to post our experiences with the Boardman Hybrid hyb 8.9e bike with Fazua drive system which we bought at the start of lockdown online from Halfords. Initially because of covid-19 restrictions the bike was just handed over to us from a table set up outside the store which was fine. The bike looked good but soon after riding it became obvious that the electric assistance wasn't working. The problem was the magnet which activates the motor via the sensor was on the far side of the wheel, too far from the sensor, so no signal. This was overcome by putting it on the nearside but turned thro 90 degrees so that it didn't hit the sensor. Assistance then worked but came in pulse's rather than smooth action. This was overcome by installing the latest software update via Fazua Toolbox. Unfortunately in doing this the usb cover plate was cracked by over tightening. Halfords have promised to replace this.Then the bottom bracket developed at knocking sound which was initially improved by tightening the outer bolts to the bottom bracket shell. However the knocking soon returned and Halford's had to strip the entire assembly and tighten the internal bolts. The bike was then much better ride and assistance was improved. The drive/battery unit locking mechanism is particularly poor, the key action is very woolly so that your never quite sure if is locked. It also takes two thumbs to press the release button so that it is difficult to also hold the casing which can easily drop to the floor. You have to do this everytime you use the bike because after 8 hours the battery turns itseilf off and you have to access the button on the battery inside the unit which is so frustrating. It then becomes annoying if likes our the push switch stops working and the only way you can turn it on is by connecting the external charger. FAZUA have agreed to replace the battery foc and we await its delivery.
Hopefully this is the end of our 'problems' but watch this space. Despite all the setbacks we are overall pleased with the bike and have to say both Halfords and Fazua have been very polite and helpful, although we have spent a lot of time on phone calls, emails and repeated visits to the store. The plus points are the relative lightweight of the bike and the frame design and general look of the bike. However at approx £2K you could expect a (much) better build quality.


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I'm not sure if the price of the ebike matters that much. My more expensive (4000 pounds) Cannondale Topstone Neo Lefty 3, with only 700km on it, is going back to the shop because of a ticking noise coming from the motor/crank.