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Seat Suspension?

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I viewed the following thread several times. A very good thread with great videos and pictures! I went back to it because I enjoyed it and because it offered a fair amount of information on the subject of seat post suspension. A subject that has become more and more dear to me as I get older and more infirmed!

The topic in the noted thread was of the new seat suspension called the BodyFloat. Mention was made of the Thudbuster and Suntour NCX. All, I have looked into. There were no conclusions made of the comparisons of these suspensions other than that the BodyFloat is very good. After all the focus of the thread was about the BodyFloat. So, since "it's all about me", what would you purchase?


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I would purchase the Bodyfloat. I can't give you a quantitative reason why, though there probably is one that can be made.

Shea N Encinitas

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I'm even using a BodyFloat on a fully suspended e-bike, it reacts so fast to bumps and makes the seat stick to my arse. I explain it like this, what is going to move faster than a compress steel spring? Just the electrons flowing from your battery! I just can't cope without my BodyFloat or rearview mirror. -S


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I have had none, cheapie seatpost, seen the sun tour, own Thudbusters and think I want a Float. Each step up seemed to be an improvement. It is hard to say until you try. I don't think anyone said they didn't like their Float. I am having a hard time going from the Thudbuster to Float since I already have invested in a TB. If I had nothing and was looking I would go for the Float.

How much is a used but but just rebuilt (official rebuild kit from Canecreek)TB worth? Save some and buy mine, I will buy the float then

Might want to rename your poll to Seatpost Poll or something incase there are more polls later on