Booby-trapped trails, paths, MUT's and MUP's


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I have no idea how long trails have been booby-trapped, I've been hearing about it for many years. We had a local natural surface rail trail here in central PA booby-trapped with large tacks a couple of years ago. Same was going on in a few state parks in western Maryland. It's likely been going on since bikes originally hit the trails that hikers thought were their own.

I guess some see it as a relatively harmless way to stop a cyclist in their tracks. It wouldn't be harmless to children. It would also be serious issue for people enjoying the outdoors with their pets.

Everyone has a right to protest what they feel are injustices, but some protesters of late think it's okay to hurt innocent people or damage private property of people that have nothing to do with the issue at stake, just to make a point. Either that or to get published on social media or cable news.

I don't know if posting this is helpful, I just thought everyone should be aware.

Once in awhile the criminals are caught.


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Every year, we have a large Bike MS event here where I live. (I've been a ham radio communication volunteer for 25 years for this and other public service events.)

3 years ago, someone stretched mono-filament fishing line across the route. The cyclist who ran into it was more surprised than hurt, but that could have been dumb luck. What if it had been a child or other small person? What if it hit on the throat instead of the chest? Etc.

Last year, someone sprinkled thumb tacks along one or two-tenths of the course. The SAG support vehicles (which I coordinate) were slam full taking riders to the nearest rest stop where there was a mechanic. That's not to mention all the riders who self-repaired with their own tubes. One of the mechanics told me he used over 100 tubes.

It seems that having 2000+ cyclists riding in front of your house raising money for a good cause is just too much to bear. I get that it slows down traffic in the vicinity, but on the rural routes we use, there's never that much traffic.

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I've encountered wire strung across creeks while whitewater kayaking.. Hunting and fishing clubs think they "own" the river running through their properties..


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Horrors. I had no idea this stuff was happening. I've heard stories from locals about things that used to happen to cyclists on my commute route such as getting shot by bb or pellet guns or glass or tacks intentionally strewn. I wasn't sure whether to believe them or chalk them up to urban legend. Fortunately I haven't experienced anything like that but the videos above remind me how much hatred some folks seem to carry around.


Sad the majority of the videos in the OP is where I live and ride or have ridden. It might have been a year ago or two. Someone dropped tacks along a very popular road that cyclists use for hill climb training. Not such a big problem climbing but descending some of these bikes reach higher speeds and could have been disastrous if someone had a blow-out...


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Another victim in Portland...Very disheartening
Horror stories. Ever since reading the initial posts in this thread I've been thinking about the possibility of booby traps when I'm commuting. A lot of my commuting is in the dark so I'd likely never see a wire or line. As if we aren't vulnerable enough with dangerous drivers...


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Motorized dirt bikers have dealt with these tactics for decades. Earth First were frequent perps.
I recall that when I was a kid, the older brother of a kid in my grade was killed. Perhaps decapitated. Always rode his dirt bike into some private property. The entrance was always open until one day it wasn't. A chain strung across the entrance. An accident we were told ...