Bosch battery reserve and best charging protocol


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There was a previous discussion on this topic, but it didn't really discuss charging or true reserve with the batteries. For example, there's much discussion elsewhere regarding how EVs don't use all the battery capacity in order to extend battery life. My question is whether Bosch does something similar, or is there an optimal charging scheme we owners can use? For example, I've heard of folks that never charge their batteries above 80%, by some sort of indication.

It seems to me that it's possible that the Bosch BMS includes such a safety buffer in order to get longer battery life, but maybe not. IOW, are the battery percentages as reported by the controller true percentages, or useful percentages, based on some battery longevity/safety reserve?

Also, how many riders have actually worn out their batteries, or noticed a significant drop in range after long use?


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I have a Trek Verve+3 with a Bosch Powertube 500 battery. The only thing I saw that came with the bike on charging was don’t store it long term at 100%. Don’t quote me on this but I think the literature that came with the bike said store it between 40% and 60%. Any other advice I’ve read has been on this forum.

As far as battery reserve goes I know it cuts power off to the bike but there is still juice left to run the lights.

Its nice to make the battery last as long as possible but I’d say it’s one of those things you can worry about too much.