Bosch Computer just turns off


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love my 2015 Haibike xduro cross rx. but suddenly when I turn on bosch board computer is just shuts off after showing msg "shutting down" (in German)

Ideas welcome.


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Contacting the dealer you bought the bike from.
Contacting Bosch.
Computer error, not booting correctly? Warranty item most likely.
Always worth checking all connections first. :)


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I have seen this once and a while. Firstly check the power button is not "wedged" or something to cause intermittent contact. Then remove head united and inspect/clean contacts. Also remove the powerpack and re-install. If that didn't work, I would open the motor cover and re-seat the connectors. I hope your up and running!


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BikeAlex, could you let me know what happened here, please? I now have exactly the same thing going on, with a Haibike/Bosch system.


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Suggest dropping by your local Bosch certified shop and have them hook up the bike and get you a diagnostics report. Can indeed be a button which can be tested in a few seconds with the software or may need a software update.

Another suggestion is to make sure the contacts on the rear of the display and mount are clean.

Should be a quick and easy fix.

keep us posted,