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Hi - I have a Raleigh Centros bike and my wife has a Raleigh Motus - they both us the Bosch Intuvia computers. We have both had a couple of instancies where there is no assistance coming from the motor despite the computer being swithed on. On each occasion we have managed to get power back by taking the computer off and and puting it back on again or by pressing a few buttons on the computer. We really don't know what we did to make the power come back so I aws wondering if it is the computer at fault or the motor. Am I right in thinking that the computer has two batteries in it - one charged when the motor battery is being charged and one coin type battery? I have not taken the computer apart to replace the coin battery (if there is one) but might this be low and the cause of the problem we are having? I would be grateful for any advice. As you probably realise, I do not have any experience with this type of technology!

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If you did any searches, you'd see a lot of folks talking about cleaning the contacts between the display and the base. If the lock bolt has not been installed, it's easy to slide off the display head and clean the contacts with a chemical contact cleaner or a pencil eraser. A very common situation.

William - Bosch Team

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As suggested above, it is important to periodically clean the Intuvia contacts, both on the mount and the computer itself. A pink-colored pencil eraser will often do the trick, or any other method that is gentle and mild. Avoid harsh chemicals.

Believe it or not, removing and reinstalling the Intuvia as you did has the added benefit of briefly scraping some of the "invisible" corrosion from the contacts, and making things work better.

The Intuvia only has (1) battery... internal, rechargeable, non-replaceable. The Purion computer uses (2) replaceable CR2016 coin cell batteries. For the Intuvia, the main function of the internal battery is the turn the system ON/OFF. For the Purion, ON/OFF is the ONLY function of the batteries.

I hope this helps! :cool: