Bosch Gepida Ruga 1000 Review [Australia]


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Australian review at is pretty comprehensive.




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Andrew, a question I have about E-bike batteries is their amp hour and thus watt hour ratings. Is there any standards for measuring this? How do you determine the accuracy of the capacity claims being made?


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The eBikesReview guys do a great job! I like how the Gepida Ruga positions the Bosch 250 centerdrive above the downtube because it will stay protected from rough terrain.

Brian(J), between all of the variables like weight, tire size and type, rider size, terrain and even weather (wind) I'm not sure how to best measure the performance of one battery to another (even cells can vary between different batches). That said, I think you could use a multimeter to measure the battery pack and compare that with the claims the company has made.