Bosch noon error code 500

My Nyon came up with an error code 500 yesterday. I stopped bike and reset, all is fine. I read the instructions which said to reset. Does anyone know what causes the error and am i likely to run into further problems as this has never happened before.

Hi Eddie, yes i'm aware that it was a internal error, but just wondered if anyone else has had this before. i'm hoping it is just a one off glitch!


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For your sake I hope so to. You invalited the warranty on the bike and motor when Martin fitted the dongle.
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Eddie, i'm aware of that but Martin will guarantee the warranty for me. Been out today and all is well. After having a terrible time with campy super record eps, I'm hopeful the Bosch systems are very reliable.

i noticed you seem to service your motors, when i spoke with bosch they said there was nothing to be serviced on them. just keep them clean. i hope this is the case.


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What's the end of the story with the 500 error code you had last year ?
It happened to me this morning, it did reset when I removed/installed the Intuvia.
Hope it will not happen again, I was willing to fit a badass box to the speed sensor, now i'm not sure I'll do it if I'm having Internal Fail error....... Should I worry ?


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My Performance Line with an Intuvia displayed an Error 500 a few seconds after powering up this morning. I hit the power button again and it cleared. No problems after that. First time seeing it in over 7000 miles. Could this be a sign of a growing problem.