Bosch Performance Line MY 20


I have this motor in a Gazelle Ultimate T10. I really like the bike but there is some rattling or clunking going on that is really annoying.
It does not show up on smooth roads but if there are ripples or rough asphalt I can hear it. The dealer, a certified Bosch person has looked at it but has not replicated the noise because there isn’t any rough pavement around the shop. He is good to work with but wants to hear the noise himself. I am going to look for a spot that will work near his shop.
I contend that this noise should not be happening. Steve Mercier, who has contributed a lot to this site and had had several Bosch Powered bikes, fully agrees.

It is not the kickstand or the chain guard, or the lock or loose motor bolts. It is there with and without assist.
When I take a pedal in my hand and move it back and forth a little (in a pedaling motion not sideways on the BB) it is loose and it clunks. I think this is where the problem is.
I did talk about this in the Gazelle thread and one person said he had something similar and it was fixed by a Bosch shim package.
Has anyone else had this experience?

rich c

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Nope. I have 3 Bosch powered eBikes. Two Haibike speed versions, model year 2016 with 4,900 miles on one, 3,500 miles on another. and 300 miles on a 2019 Ruffian. The Trekking with 4,900 miles can get a creaking noise, but tightening the back thru axle stops that every time. None have ever gone back to the dealer since the day I rode off on them.