Bosch Problem - 500 error code, all battery lights blinking


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I have an issue with my xm700+ where the computer is displaying a 500 error and all battery lights blink together every second or so.

The bike is completely unpowered and won't allow me to change from off to eco or higher.

Yesterday, it started to intermittently cut power, so I lightly scuffed the terminals, added dielectric grease and it seemed to get better for the last twenty miles. This morning it did the same thing and then stopped entirely. The battery has never been stored in the cold and I have about 2800 miles on it. My LBS is going to run a diagnostic on it tomorrow. I believe the whole thing is still under warranty, I've only had it since last november.

Anyone know what this could be or has run into a similar issue? Thanks!

Edit: It's a Bosch Performance Line motor, 28 mph class 3 pedelec with a 400wh battery and an Intuvia computer. I also scrubbed the terminals on the computer and made sure it was snuggly connected to the dock (it was). When the bike powers down while riding, the computer doesn't turn off. It initially stayed in turbo but with no boost and now it won't let me switch at all.
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My Bosch-based bike did something similar, but it just turned out to be a matter of my battery not being properly seated (I'd forgotten to lock it). Glad your battery issue is covered by warranty.