Bosch to introduce "dual batteries" in 2017


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Bosch is apparently working on extending the range of 2017 models via the use of a Y-cable that will allow its new drives to be connected to 2 batteries at once. The controller will switch the battery being used at regular intervals so as to allow both batteries to have roughly the same consumption. So basically you could have double the range of the current bikes if you bought a second battery. I'm thinking that this move is possibly being made to respond to more "professional" uses. Delivery services for instance...



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My 2009 A2B Metro had two batteries, thus the clever play on the name.. Had to use a keyswitch to select one battery at a time, similar to a boat battery bank.

It's a great idea, assuming they can place the battery and not mess up the balance of the bike too much. My Metro did not handle well with the second battery hanging under the rear rack.