Bosch Tour+ Riding Mode for Performance Line CX Motors


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Hi guys, a contact from Bosch shared this press release with me that introduces Tour+ mode. Here are my takeaways:
  • It's an optional software upgrade that replaces Tour with Tour+
  • To be clear, standard drive modes were originally Eco, Tour, Sport, Turbo and we recently got Eco, Tour, eMTB, Turbo as an optional software update for some Performance Line motors.
  • This new drive mode functions much like eMTB mode, but is targeting lower power riding. I believe it will rely more on pedal torque, offering a wide range of power output based on your own pedal input.
  • It only works on Performance Line CX motors, not other Performance Line.
  • If you choose to enable Tour+, you also get eMTB (you cannot have Tour+ and Sport mode... Sport will become eMTB). However, you can continue to keep normal Tour and eMTB if you wish.
  • Tour+ only works with the derailleur software for the CX motor, not the internally geared hub or continuously variable transmission software.
  • Interestingly... the display will not read any differently with the Tour+ upgrade. It will still say, “Tour” which I find a bit problematic if you're selling a bike.
  • Tour+ riding mode rewards a little more effort on flat stretches with greater energy efficiency and increased range. It provides continuous dynamic support, varying between the Eco and Turbo modes.
Okay, here's their official press release: New Tour+ Riding Mode: Efficiency Meets Performance. Bosch eBike Systems introduces advanced range-optimized assistance
  • Enhanced dynamic pedal assistance
  • Increased rider effort maximizes range
  • Available now from Bosch eBike Systems dealers
Stuttgart/Reutlingen — Bosch eBike Systems continues to change how cyclists view electric pedal assistance with the introduction of the Tour+ progressive riding mode. Tour+ provides eBike riders with improved dynamic support and epitomizes Bosch’s unremitting focus on

Tour+ encourages eBike riders to exert marginally greater effort on flatter terrain, rewarding that effort with extended range, and eliminates the need to manually toggle between Eco and Turbo modes. Sensors measure data more than 1,000 times per second to determine optimum support. The degree of assistance varies continuously and is delivered smoothly to create a natural pedaling sensation.

Bosch introduced dynamic assistance for electric mountain bikes in 2017. This feature, known as eMTB mode, utilizes Bosch’s sensor technology and vast experience in ride dynamics. It is widely recognized as the most sophisticated and top-performing riding mode available. Tour+ builds upon this legacy.

“With the Tour+ riding mode, eBike riders who like to exert themselves a little more and put more of their own effort into pedaling get a comfort-oriented and range-optimized support level,” said Claus Fleischer, CEO of Bosch eBike Systems. “There is no need to switch between the familiar modes; riders can devote themselves completely to their eBike experience and enjoy maximum riding pleasure. The system supports a little less on flat and easy routes to increase range. If needed, the support is adjusted situationally based on the pedal pressure to overcome inclines.”

The Tour+ riding mode is available as a software upgrade for Bosch-powered eBikes equipped with 2020-2021 Performance Line CX and a derailleur system. See a Bosch-certified dealer for more information.


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Interesting. So those of us with Performance Line Speed drives are left out yet again? Not that it matters to me much. I find the current choices on my 8s are fine.


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Court, William,
Did you actually test these different modes?
Seems strange to have been hearing about EMTB, then EMTB-Lite, and now Tour+ modes. EMTB was installed on my Allant+7 last summer and was impressive but I’ve never felt like it achieved Turbo’s 340% that was mentioned. Good but not quite there. Then EMTB-Lite was supposed to replace Tour and again, a good improvement but not quite what I was expecting. EMTB-Lite never was displayed on the Purion. Now you’re announcing Tour+ replacing Tour (and evidently EMTB-Lite) to do the same thing. Again not shown on the Purion.


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So I got this update yesterday, and I am very pleased with it. Currently using just one 625Wh battery on my Supercharger2 and can tell from experience with eMTB only, I get around 60km quite consistently. I have measuerd this with distance on 10%, 20%, 33% and 50% and multiplied up accordingly.

First ride on Tour+ mode, I got 44km on 50% battery. So basically somewhere around 88km on a full charge.
So that´s almost +30% distance on a full charge, compared to eMTB. With some more testing I think somwhere around 85km is realistic for me personally on that kind og terrain profile, which was mostly paved roads and bikepaths.

I will start using this regularly, for the benifits of the increased range and exercise.

(also posted in the R&M fb group)


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The Tour+ riding mode for the Performance Line CX with derailleur system (from model year 2020) and eMTB mode will be available from summer 2021.​

I still haven't got an explanation for this ...why can't a belt internal hub (Rohloff or Vario) work. It probably could be installed but why don't they offer it according to the announcement.