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Hello everyone maybe I stink at searching but I was unable to find what I was looking for so I am hoping this thread will help myself and others.

Just a quick background I am living in Ireland and riding a 2016 Gepida Asgard 27.5in. 500w battery and Bosch CX motor. I am not 100% sure if its the 250w or 350w motor or if that even matters for my question. It of course has the 25km speed limit and I would like to remove this. BUT keep the correct speed and distance on the display. Also I would like to keep the WALK assist as I use it to climb the stairs in my apartment

From what I see online there is only two dongles that can do this. The ASA Espeed and Peartune MSO.
My favourite one so far is the Espeed but from what I read it causes the display to flash... Is this a problem with ALL users ? if so has this been fixed ? I can't seem to find out much on the Peartune so any info on that would be helpful.

So I guess overall my questions are

1. Where is the best place to buy these dongles ?

2. What is the best dongle to buy that will keep the correct speed and distance ?

3. I would love to hear from current owners of these dongles have they been reliable ? Are you happy with it ? etc...


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I do not have a mid-drive ebike any more. Had one until some months ago. Because of this; I still read about your subject when I come across it.

I have no experience from the following store; but the following store marked "speedbox 2)

This tuning-dongle; allows the bikecomputer to show the real speed.

Keep in mind though that the Bosch motor not is intended used in the extent this system facilitate. The higher top-speed before cutoff will make the motor work ALOT more; resulting in more wear on the unit. Fx will more heat be generated. With cars these days; tuning-chips which increase Power is cheap on eBay. But this kind of tuning will reduce reliability and lifespan of the motor.
The Bosch-engine will when tuned be more in the "peak-power". If I am not wrong; your motor peaks at 350 w. Thats not a very big motor. So it will have to use the effect it got extensively.

Best of luck :)
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I purchased the ASA eSpeed from Germany, speedy delivery and easy to fit. No problems at all and is now the bike it was designed to be. I purchased a 16 and 17 tooth front sprocket to fine tune the gearing as the 15 was only suited to a detuned motor. The gearing will depend on your riding conditions, mountains or flat terrain,

Happy Riding

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Anyone know where to get a badassBox Typ3.4 Bosch? It's available in Europe but they will not ship to the US. Ideas are welcome. This seems to be the easiest most economical means to increase bike speed on Bosch Ver.2. Thanks