Bought an Electric Fat Tire Bike, what is this part


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I'm new to Electric Bikes. Bought a Gravity Monster ebike. Even though I have a Specilized gravel road/dirt road kind of bike which I should ride but do not. I'm am more of a dirt bike guy. I'm not going to say I'm like the dog that caught the car, but not far off Ha! Ha!

I broke a bone in my foot a few weeks back and with hunting season about to start it was a good excuse to buy an ebike. I've been kicking around the idea for a couple of years and this was a good excuse.

Some of the lead time to get an electric bike were pretty long. I was able to find a Gravity Monster in stock and got it in less than a week. I won't say it was my first choice but the price was right and seemed to be a good starter/entry bike. I have no idea how much I will use it, but even setting in the garage it looks to be useful.

I watched a youtube video on how to put it together, but really didn't need to. I've turned a lot of wrenches in my time you might say. I had it together in a few min.

Bike came with no instructions. I am clueluess on how the shifter works, will have to google the model I have and see what I can find.

There is hook looking piece with two screws I google image searched and couldn't find anything. I hope someone can tell me what it is. My gut tells me it could be a kickstand hanger/lock but not sure.

My gut also tells me to shake the bike down and make sure everything is tight. I have a torque wrench for my dirt bikes but that might be an overkill, if important someone let me know.

If have many questions, like is extra battery needed and more. Will make another post once I get farther into this. Looks to be fun and love to work on/tinker. I also like to buy things and I have get this think rigged up for hunting and bow rack and other racks/carriers etc.

If anybody know what this part is in the pic please let me know.

Also anything else that I should consider or need to know.


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As a long time reader of the website MTBR, it seems Bikes Direct's mtb bikes have a penchant for their derailleur hanger's bending and breaking in spirited trail ridings which end with a stick in the spokes, rock encounter with the derailleur and you get the rest of the drift. Getting spares were often problematic. Best to find a few more to accompany this spare they provided you.

The Gravity Bullseye Monster indeed is a good entry level fat bike. Welcome to the world of fatbiking, you won't look back!

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