Brake cables inversion on a G3


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Even though in my country (Italy) all the bikes (and motorcycles) have the front brake on the right side, my G3 has it on the left
As I would like, to invert the situation, may I have the advices of whoever did it already ?
In case they are needed, which specific spare parts should I order ???
Many thanks :)


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Your gocycle has hydraulic brakes. I'd leave it alone and simply get used to it. It's hard enough to switch the plumbing on hydraulic brakes, but your ebike has them all hidden.

If it were mechanical brakes, one could just swap cables. That is what I did when I got my first bike with hand brakes at age 22. I had been riding a motorcycle up to that point. It was kind of a silly thing to do, but it was easy. I quit motorcycles a few years later and left the brakes alone on subsequent bikes.

By the way, I learned to ride motorcycles on my brother's 250cc single cyclinder Ducati. Then I bought a Japanse motorycle and it had the foot brake and shifter on opposite sides from the Italian bike. I had to quickly get used to that.