Brake lever.


First issue with my Mariner.
372kms on it.

Noticed on my ride this morning that my rear break lever doesn't cut the motor power anymore.

If I hold the lever and fiddle under the main frame with the wires a bit I can see the indicator on the screen turn on but it won't work without that manipulation.
I don't think it's the connection on the controller.


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Should I just ask for a replacement lever/cable?
I read your first post, when posted and hoped someone with the bike may chime in. I don't have a Voltbike and both my ebikes have hydraulic brakes, so I'm just spit balling ideas trying to help. It's tough to troubleshoot an electrical problem on a forum, but from your description of fiddling with the wires it may not be in the lever. It could be a bad or broken wire, or loose connection at the controller. If you can trace the cutoff wire from the lever to the controller, you may find the problem. That would also help if you do have to replace the lever and wire to the controller.

In any event, I would reach out to Voltbike by phone preferably, or by email and ask for help resolving the issue. It's always best to speak to the manufacturer as early as possible, when problems arise to at the least document the event, should you need replacement parts.


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If you squeeze the lever, you can see inside that there is a micro-switch protected with a rubber cover. In the winter, the rubber gets hard and the grease/lube inside the switch gets sticky. That may be the reason.

You'll notice the switch works backwards. When it is depressed (i.e. release the lever), power is allowed. When it is released (i.e. squeeze the lever), power is cut-off. HOWEVER, in cold temps, the switch is sticky and does not pop back out to activate the cut-off.


Hi love2cruz. It's possible that the rear brake itself is very tight and the brake lever is not able to travel the required distance in order to activate the power cut off switch. I am not sure if you recently adjusted your brakes but you can try to loosen the rear brake and see if it helps. If it does not, then please contact us by email or phone and we will send you new brake lever.