Brake pad life


I changed my brake pads today, because they have always been loud. Surprisingly they were already worn to the limit (0.95mm) after only 1200km. I'm a bit surprised.

Replaced 'em with Jagwire Pro X. Silent.

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Same, awesome pads but watch out when it's wet out because the first stop with lots of water will take a bit. Keep the disc and pads dry with an occasional squeeze and you'll be good when you need to stop.

I replaced my pads about the same mileage as yours, roughly at 1,000 mile mark. On my third set for the front. The second set of pads were same as the original but I recently switched to the Jagwire Pro and love the performance.
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I did also had to replace my breakpads when the odometer was near 1200km. I guess it will depend on your route and obstacles (people, traffic lights, etc.), but in general sounds quite reasonable. I bought the Shimano B01S Resin pads as a substitute for the ones that came with the bike (I guess were the same).


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My life was about the same. Currently using Koolstop organic pads which I also prefer to the original Formula semi-metallic pads.


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I tried Jagwire semi-metallic pads on my St2 and have been pleased with performance , if not astounded ! Beded in properly squeals are a thing of the past. I hadn't inspected them in awhile , and was amazed at how much pad was still remaining. Your gonna luv em.