Breeze - Longterm Review and Writeup

Hey guys! If you want to watch our long-term review, I'll post that below, or you can keep reading for our synopsis.

We've had the Breeze for a few months now and it is honestly one of the better bikes we've personally tested at this price point. First and maybe most importantly, right out of the box it was a Breeze (I guess that's how they came up with the name, maybe?) I like the look of the bike and the riding experience was a lot of fun. The bike was well balanced and was hands down the easiest bike I've tested to ride with no hands. The motor was responsive, as we would expect, but one of the things that really made an impact on me was the ability to shift between pedal assist and throttle use with ZERO delays or lag in between. This might not be a big deal for everyone, but I jump back and forth between throttle and pedal assist, so it was something I noticed right out of the gate. The controller they have here is doing the Lord's work. So, from a riding experience perspective, it was everything we hoped it would be.

The components here all work well together and the machine as a unit was just a blast. Also, normally I don't go on raves about Ebikes unless there is something to rave about, so I hope this doesn't come across like a plug or anything. I'm not a cat. I JUST LIKE THE BIKE. Of course, there are other bikes in this price range that are very comparable, but I haven't tested those.

As always, I recommend you get your hands on one if you can, as a real-life test ride is a million times better than a YouTube review, or some guy writing about bikes he rode on the internet :p

Thanks for coming to my very small, very pro-Breeze article. I hope you guys have a great rest of the year, and we've got more reviews in the works.