Broke my Nitro kickstand,weird problem, crank frozen


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Had gone out for a ride and put the bike in the garage later took it out to show a guest the bike and the crank was totally frozen.

It was strange as the left side of the bike where the battery port is the kickstand was in front of the pedal so if I pushed down on the right pedal it would not have blocked the movement of the pedal on the other side.

I got out a heavy pad and put in on the driveway and was preparing to move the bike and flip it to see if I could determine what was wrong. As I rolled the bike there was a large cracking noise and the kickstand which is cast metal broke in half on the bottom part where it attaches to the frame.

It is a new bike and under warranty but a new kick stand is only 39.00 , not worth my time to load the bike and take it to the dealer and wait for a day or so to be fixed. So I just ordered a new kickstand for the eflow.

Wonder if any one else ran into this problem?