Broken clamp on Stromer display


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Hi, I've got a 2012 Stromer Sport and the clamp for the display has broken. I'd hate to replace the display, but the design doesn't allow me to just replace the clamp and I haven't been able to glue it.

Has anyone else dealt with this, or have any suggestions that would better than just taping it? Pictures posted below. Thanks!

upload_2015-12-27_16-25-49.png upload_2015-12-27_16-32-31.png


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Thanks Streumer for tip UV - Bondic . Watched some You Tube videos , fascinating stuff. I'm gonna try some on a split headrest on my VW van. Your 3D projects are cool. Stromer t-shirt looked nice.


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Thanks very much for the input guys. A glue job by the previous owner failed, so I figured it was a lost cause, but the Loctite seems pretty solid. I'll see how well it holds up when riding season starts.

Thanks Streumer for the Bondic tip. The stuff had mixed reviews on Amazon, but I'll definitely give it a go if the Loctite doesn't do the trick.



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@gtawest &David1

Glad to help?

Maybe combine the Loctite and Bondic, as when the Loctite get too much stress you can't go back,
Loctite don't let you do the trick twice , so make the stress divided by 2 systems.
Devide by 3 with glueing some reinforcement on the crackline if possible.

I thinck there are maybe some other solutions but the pictures are too small to evaluate.
I have a ST2 no 1 so I can't compare?


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Good suggestion, thanks Streumer. It probably wouldn't hurt to cover the repair with a Bondic seal... and yeah, the lack of a removable display (let alone integrated into the frame like your ST2) is one of my few frustrations with the bike, considering that Bosch, Bionx and others included them as far back as 2012.


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@gtawest There's supposed to be a rubber strip that goes between the clamp and the handlebars... Hopefully you still have it, if not make one from an old inner tube.


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Hi Doug, have you ever received the following error message on your Stromer Sport:


The only way i've found to remove this message is to remove the battery and then the bike works again.


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Hi jrw293, yes I've had a couple of issues with an intermittent NO_COM.

For me, the failure was always due to a loose connection on one of the threaded connectors near the display. I have cleaned and taped them and they haven't given me any trouble in a while. There is also a connector behind the chainstay (under the Velcro cover if you have one) that also could be the problem. Good luck, hope that helps!