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So I've had my fatty for three months and over 400 miles and it rocks. Bought a second battery from Luna to extend my range at level three to over 30 miles +/- with each battery. Go on an extended ride and at 35 miles decide to switch out the battery. The KEY breaks in the lock. Fortunately I had carried the extra key and by turning the bike upside down I got the broken key out..
So I contact support at Sondor to get an additional key blank to get another key cut........NADA!! four locksmiths and no one has a blank.I'm pissed and Sondors is no help. Since I'm in the dental lab business I went to one of my clients and had him cast a replacement key out of steel that works like a charm. Something so simple as a key blank and the won't help you. (I could buy another cradle for $90.00 just for the key is crazy.)

I love the bike and I am about to buy another, but not to provide replacement blanks is poor business.