Broken Spokes on Aventon Level


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hello all I have an Aventon Level have put about 300 miles on it but its been back to shop once for broken rear spoke and I just got it back and after 30 miles I have another broken spoke. The shop I bought it from are great but I have to drive 2 hours to get there and I don't really want to keep calling people to come pick me up when spoke breaks. Any suggestions on how to solve this issue? Thank you


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Breaking spokes seems to happen with the less expensive ebikes. The spokes on my Bluenergy kit wheel started breaking after 500 miles. My friend had the rear wheel rebuilt on his Magnum Cruiser after a few hundred miles due to spokes breaking.

And that's the solution. Budget a hundred dollars or so and have the shop rebuild the wheel with quality spokes. I rebuilt the wheels on my two ebikes with Sapim Strong spokes. I've since ridden thousands of miles without incident.