Broken Spokes on Aventon Level


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Hello, I have Aventon level and I really like it but I am having recurring issue that I am worried about and that is broken spokes on rear wheel. I had about 200 miles when the first spoke broke so I took it to shop and they were great about fixing it said they went through and made sure all spokes were tight and I shouldn't have anymore problems. So I get bike home go for ride and bout 30 miles in I get another broken spoke in rear. So now I have to call someone again to come pick me up and now another 2 hour drive to shop to get fixed. I don't think this is a problem created by the bike shop but maybe quality of parts being used. At this point any suggestion on a fix would be greatly appreciated.


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This issue has been discussed in several other threads fairly recently. I entered this thread's topic in the Search function and found maybe a half dozen threads and posts that have info that might be helpful. Here's one;

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The others probably have even more info that could help.